About Us

At IsMyLova, we are redefining high-end retail through the lens of female leadership. Founded in Miami by Bela Ismylova, a passionate advocate for gender and refugee rights, we are establishing a space for luxury with a focus on inclusivity, empowerment, and global craftsmanship. Our mission is to create an extraordinary shopping experience that celebrates the artistry and innovation of both emerging and established designers of all backgrounds.

Rooted in our founder's two-decade-long journey championing human rights at the United Nations, IsMyLova is committed to not just showcasing fashion but also leaving a meaningful impact. Our platform is a unique intersection of fashion, art, and jewelry, intertwined with a mission to promote human rights and social change, drawing from Bela's extensive background in advocacy.

Every piece in our carefully curated fashion collection tells a story of creativity, resilience, and empowerment, mirroring Bela's own transition from a Human Rights lawyer and educator in Azerbaijan to a visionary fashion entrepreneur in Miami. Our commitment extends beyond fashion; we are dedicated to giving back. A portion of our profits supports charities and NGOs focused on uplifting refugee women, aligning our commercial success with our core values of supporting women's rights and humanitarian causes.

IsMyLova is more than a store; it's a testament to the power of female leadership, a tribute to the enduring spirit of women worldwide, and a beacon of hope and change for the communities we serve. We encourage you to join us in this journey of luxury, empowerment, and global change.